How Affinage Infiniti has become our best-selling colour range

Although, here at Professional Choice, we are proud of all of the hair and beauty brands that we represent for the benefit of our trade customers, we have seen a particular increase in demand through our website lately for the Affinage Infiniti  range. Indeed, it is our best-selling colour range, which shouldn't surprise any professional hairdresser with a knowledge of its distinctive qualities.

Affinage Salon Professional is one of this country's leading premium hair care brands. Having been launched in 1996 by International Hair Cosmetics Ltd. UK, initially as a line of permanent hair colour, it has since expanded to encompass a much broader range of products, from tone-on-tone and fashion colours to specialist highlighting systems, permanent waves, shampoos, conditioners and more.

Among the most successful innovations to emerge from the Affinage stable is the Infiniti intelligent colour system, which has quickly established a reputation for producing expressive, captivating colour as part of the most beautiful, healthy-looking hair.

Whether one opts for any of the almost 100 available Regular Shades or instead the extra-lightening High Lift Series, the Intensives Series with its concentrated colour additives, the Gothic Series consisting solely of no-lift colouring deposit or even the off-scalp colour highlighting offered by the b:RED Series, they can expect truly exceptional results.

Such radiant, multi-dimensional results are ensured by the Infiniti Intelligent Colour System's incorporation of permanent hair colours, colour additives and colour highlighting. The Datem Plus technology that is central to Affinage Infiniti's advanced breakthrough formula produces the most astonishing colour and flawless 100% grey coverage, with long-lasting colour pigments transported deep into every strand.

There are so many reasons to choose Affinage Infiniti if you are still on the lookout for the ideal permanent hair colour for your salon clients. This includes the fact that more than 90% naturally derived ingredients have been used, obtained from sustainable and renewable sources, in addition to the suppleness, protection and incredible shine afforded by the inclusion of a conditioning emulsion cream base with shea butter and argan oil.

The colouring process is also quick with Affinage Infiniti, gentle heat being used to reduce it to a mere 25 minutes, with no hair or scalp damage. Infiniti is also known for its exceptionally low level of ammonia and advanced anti-fade technology, to say nothing of the truly unlimited colour possibilities when Infiniti shades are blended with the Infiniti Intensives Series.

Quite simply, any hair colour that can be imagined can be created with Affinage Infiniti. Peruse our complete range here at Professional Choice today to find out more about how this esteemed hair colour product could benefit your own salon.

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