Many of our trade customers here at Professional Choice entrust us as their hair extensions supplier, and there are many sound reasons for this - not least the extensive range of Balmain hair extensions and associated products that we stock. Not only is the selection of Balmain extensions themselves far-reaching, but we also take great pride in our comprehensive range of the brand's accessories, kits and other items.

One reason for making Professional Choice your preferred hair extensions supplier is simply the renown of the Balmain brand itself. Balmain Hair can trace its history back some four decades and has always been committed to sourcing, selecting and processing the finest quality hair in the world. The company today consists of a team of dedicated and trained hair specialists who are active in international consultancy and training.

In short, the people behind Balmain Hair are those that you should trust when shopping for hair extensions on a trade basis, and there's no question that the extensions themselves - being sourced in South East Asia and consisting of 100% human hair - are similarly formidable. Not only does Balmain consistently source from the same supply chain, but it has done so for more than 30 years, so you can be sure that the extensions that you purchase from us are those with which Balmain Hair has made its name.

Browse the Professional Choice online store now to find the highest quality hair extension offerings in colours ranging from Barbie Pink, Blue, Fresh Orange and Pig Pink to Purple, Sun Orange, Dark Blue and Red. In addition to the colour selection being truly vast, these 100% human hair extensions are reusable and can stay in the hair for up to three months. They're even accompanied by an official six month quality guarantee - as Balmain Hair is unique in the industry in offering.

When one also considers our in-depth stock of associated Balmain Hair products ranging from hair extension brushes and quick remover gel and guns to double hair clips and fill-in re-bonds, it's clear to see why so many trade customers of this sought-after Paris brand are increasingly turning to Professional Choice. Take a look at our Balmain selection now to make the most of both high quality and exceptional prices from your hair extensions supplier.