Never before has hair styling at its most fashionable been so extreme and outrageous as it is now, and if there are any products in our store here at Professional Choice that demonstrate that, they are surely our Kipa products. The company has more than two decades' experience in the development and manufacture of the most technologically advanced, up-to-the-minute professional hair products, with our customers being among the chief beneficiaries.

Kipa products aren't just your average hair styling products - they are products that allow you to flaunt your artistic flair to the full. They have benefited from the in-depth investment, research and development that has made them a leading choice among the most skilled and seasoned hairdressers and stylists, and if you are such a professional with a taste for the young, crazy and unconventional, such products as Kipa Chaos Shaper, Kipa Headshot Styling Spray and Kipa Toffee Fibre Paste will be central to your arsenal.

Kipa Chaos Shaper, for instance, makes the perfect strong-hold shaping paste for spiking and creating definition with short hair. Drying quickly and providing a firm hold with a non-greasy finish, it's a great value addition to your salon. But much the same could be said of Kipa Gloss Boss Hard Wax, which gives strong hold and shine in short hair. Or what about Kipa Magma Matt Clay, a strong hold matte paste that is ideal if you want to create and sculpt a non-shiny style?

Other popular Kipa products in the Professional Choice online store right now include Shag Texture Cream, a light-hold soft texturising cream that makes a sound choice when it is longer hair that you wish to style. The ultimate Kipa styling product that we offer, however, has to be Toffee Fibre Paste, which has a softness, smoothness, pliability and all-round ease of use that belies the extreme hold and definition that it makes possible for your most demanding clients. Even its smell is astonishing.

That leaves such Kipa products as the acclaimed Oneshot and Headshot sprays, as well as the Extreme Style Gift Pack. It all adds up to one of the most formidable available online ranges of Kipa products for those salons wishing to maximise their professional hair styling possibilities, offered at the most competitive prices.