When you log into our website here at Professional Choice, you will notice that we are certainly well-stocked for products from the acclaimed Kaeso Beauty brand. Everything from aromatherapy essential oils, body blended oils and carrier oils to body scrub and moisturiser, pedicure and salon kits is available, and we can certainly say great things about any brand that puts natural beauty at the forefront in the way that Kaeso Beauty does.

With Kaeso Beauty, you can certainly look forward to luxurious and effective professional products, but that effectiveness has not come at the cost of the absence of naturally derived ingredients. Indeed, those ingredients are only all the more essential to achieving the best possible treatment formulas. Where certain lesser brands continue to allow the inclusion of Parabens, Sulphates, Mineral Oil and Propylene Glycol in their products, Kaeso Beauty forbids all of them in accordance with its Innocence Criteria.

When you buy a Kaeso Beauty product as one of our trade customers, you can be assured of treating your own customers to unique formulations made from the finest, natural ingredients. Such natural ingredients range from Aloe Vera for its powerful moisturising and nourishing properties and Balm Mint with its acclaimed anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, to Willow Bark - the natural astringent with anti-bacterial properties that help to combat skin impurities - and another powerful anti-oxidant with potent healing and rehydrating properties, Vitamin E.

Those ingredients haven't merely been randomly chosen on account of being naturally derived - they have always been fundamental to the aforementioned formulas, and were chosen due to the genuine benefits that they bring to the skin. Solutions for all conceivable skincare needs have been created by Kaeso Beauty, encompassing beauty, body, manicure, pedicure and aromatherapy, backed by the most in-depth research and considerable industry innovation by highly-trained beauty industry experts.

When one is looking for the best natural products for restoring and maintaining one's body, mind and wellbeing, there can be no better choice than Kaeso Beauty, and no better trade source of such products than Professional Choice. Peruse our online range today to shop for all things Kaeso Beauty, from face blended oils and eye enhancement to skincare masks and wax care.