If you want dazzling hair that is so silky that you just can’t stop running your fingers through it, then why haven’t you tried Amargan Hair Therapy Oil? Enriched with natural argan oil, this haircare must is guaranteed to give you the sleek and lustrous head of hair that you deserve.

Argan oil is a totally organic product that is taken from the kernels of Moroccan argan trees. Incredibly rich in nutrients, it can be used for a vast range of skin and haircare treatments, often being referred to as ‘liquid gold’.

Amargan Hair Therapy was one of the first companies to bring argan oil to the haircare market, quickly establishing itself as one of the leading providers. Amargan oil is now known throughout the industry as one of the best products for making hair sleeker, silkier and smoother to the touch.

When you use this brand's Hair Therapy Oil, you will soon find your locks completely revitalised. The natural argan oil is famous for its ability to make hair healthier, even helping to alleviate split ends. Argan oil fights against frizz, so you’ll find that your hair becomes much straighter and will detangle almost instantly. This makes Amargan products perfect for people with either long, full hair or curly, kinked hair that they prefer to keep straightened.

Amargan Hair Therapy Oil also helps to protect your hair from the damage associated with colouring or styling, and also reduces drying times by up to 40%, so you won’t need to spend as much time with the hairdryer. Aside from haircare, argan oil is used for skincare due to its moisturising effect. So, as an added benefit, Amargan oil will sooth your scalp as it is enhancing your hair.

You can either apply this product to your hair before straightening, or massage it into dry hair like a serum. Either way, your hair will be glossier and softer than ever before.

Browse our online store here at Professional Choice to find Amargan Hair Therapy Oil in 10ml, 30ml and 100ml bottles. You can also pick up some great additional products from the same brand, including Amargan Advanced Styler and Amargan Hair Shine & Protect.